Coffee Camper

Bungalow Beans Coffee Camper


This is our 1968 DeCamp vintage camper. We have completely renovated this little gem from roof to road. It's now the Bungalow Beans Coffee Camper! 

We are now parked near the entrance to Breton Brewing at 354 Keltic Drive, Coxheath, Monday through Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Follow us @bungalowbeans on social media to catch us on location.

Front End


Fresh paint and new floors are done. We still have upholstery and countertops to go.

Back End


All new electric and plumbing is nearing completion.

Work in Progress

The Find


The 1968 DeCamp 12' travel trailer before traveling from southern Nova Scotia all the way home to Coxheath.

Finally Home


The first day at home. It's time to get to work removing the temporary trailer lights before completely gutting the interior.

That 60's Look


Much of the interior was original, including the seat cushions, appliances and most of the wall paneling. 



The camper was completed stripped to the studs. We managed to keep some original lights, and cabinetry.

Down to the Shell


Windows were taking out and all the aluminum trim was removed for cleaning and polishing. Time to paint!

True Colours


White and blue are our new Bungalow Beans colours. Check out those restored vintage wheels!

More Progress

Tanks a Lot


The fresh and gray water tanks are in position. A new sink has also arrived. We're now ready for cabinet construction.

Sinks In


New countertops are installed complete with sinks and taps. The brown sink is original to the camper and is now for hand washing.

Making a Splash


All the plumbing is done! We've got hot and cold running water. We also have a shiny new backsplash.

Mood Lighting


I've installed LED lighting under the original hood. This is going to be the Nitro Cold Brew station.

Doors are Done


Nearing the finish line now! The cabinet doors are built, installed and painted.

Got Our Logo On


Our logo and lettering is on. We'd like to send a huge thank you Vango Signs & Designs for the outstanding job!